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    Our Family started making wine from every fruit and grape we could get a hold of in 2011. It started in Denver with peaches, cherries, plums and Apples. We got hooked and inspired to plant the 1st stage of our vineyard in Sturgis on the family farm. In 2012 we were making wine in both locations. Our dads and grandfathers made wine in barrels out of chokecherries and concord grapes in the basement when we were kids. It seemed like sneaking a little taste was always a fun holiday tradition. 


   In the fall of each year we hold a fall festival where we pick, crush and press the grapes for next years wine. The day involves bottling last years wine with lots of tasting and testing. The day is filled with great food, friends and Family. Without the help and encouragement of these folks the DesJarlais Winery would have never got this far. 

   We lightly filter our wines to maintain the natural flavors of all the fruits and grapes. You can expect to see small amounts of sediment in all of our bottles. Our process of making small boutique style wines is one where we try to use the smallest amount of Sulfites and the most time on the skins as possible. Small oak barrels are used on the reds to help smooth out flavors.


    The Red Valley Vineyard in Piedmont, SD managed by the very talented Booze family, supplies us with Brianna, Frontenac Blanc and St Croix grapes. The next two types of grapes that they are growing that we are very excited about is, Petite pearl and Itasca. They should be wine ready in 2021.


    On the back of all our wine bottles there is a picture of the Stone Monument called a stone Johnny. It sits on the hill overlooking the farm. The Stone Johnnies were to sheep herders what light houses were to ships on the sea.  Sheep herders stacked rocks in the vast prairies of the West so they would be able to find their way home.


    Our Winery will expand to one of the large barns on the property in 2020. We have outgrown the Garage and basement where the wineries humble beginnings started it all. 

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